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Am very unhappy a dentist saw my child and did an awful job. Both fillings fell out. In a month or so I had ro go to a diffrent dentists. Sad over paid shame on dentist Katie. ??? All my family remembers of her. not use any of their offices. Add comment

I went to the Center at Old Spring House near Kroger in Sandy Spring for a crown operation for #30 tooth. I was told #31 was also in need of a crown. So the preparation work was done for both #30 and #31. Then a temporary crown for BOTH teeth was put on. Then the nightmare began: - a shooting pain occurred after the temporary crown was put on (about two hours later). - taken Ibuprofen strong pain killer prescribed by the dentist. - went back to the office to have the temporary crown checked out and found no problem. This was after 5 days with... Read more

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Dentist office making me pay for full orthodontic treatment, and i cant continue because i lost my job, these people are all a thief! >:( Add comment

the dental great expression are the worst dental company that never tell you the truth of how much you are been charged they show you a small fee and later in your appointment they would say your insurance said this or that and sending you bills that don't make sense. Please know how much everything cost before signing any papers they are criminals they have the ladies that work their billing our to take your money watch out for them they are liars and thief and I would make sure the government look into them so they can be exposed out Read more

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I was referred to the San Pablo office by my dentist due to the fact that one of my tooth is getting darker (no pain or any other feelings). I leaned that there is a new Endodontist, Robert Deason now in that office. It turns out to be a terrible mistake to go this Robert Deason!!! I went to the San Pablo office on March 28th, after looking at it, Robert Deason tapped on the tooth and others and asked me whether I felt difference, I said no difference, and I feel normal. Then he said it is dead, I asked how could you know it is dead because... Read more

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This has been a horrible experience. I will never recommend this place to anyone. Always hard to get an appointment for my son after school, the ortho dentist that was there to begin with quit and we were NEVER told he needed teeth to be pulled before we could continue treatment. Which put his treatment off even more. The new ortho dentist could care less after I explained. I sent my son and forgot to send a check with him for payment. He was told he "could not leave" without payment. HORRIBLE, RUDE, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I don't like to use... Read more

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During the first visit with Great Expressions, I was charges almost $600 for what should have cost $325 based on my insurance benefit plan. I was told that the additional charges were for services provided that my insurance would not cover. After contacting the insurance company and learning that Great Expressions could not charges for the services they were saying were "extra" I attempted to get a refund of the overcharges and proceed with the planned treatment. After two weeks, I was told there would be additional charges for custom work... Read more

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Great expression Miramar provides poor customer service. They make excuses for everything. It is unbelievable! I am so disgusted with this place and dentist in general. They are all a bunch of theives! Add comment

I had the same experience, they told me my teeth were cracked and I needed crowns to replace old fillings. When I went to my new dentist, she informed me that my teeth were not cracked and said my fillings, while old, were in great shape and should not be replaced. It seems like they train their dentists on "what to say" in order to trick people into paying outrageous prices for treatments they don't need. This place is worse than a used car lot, at least there you expect the sales people to try to milk you for money, but we should not have to... Read more

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By far the worse dental office to visit. And don't bother calling they do not pick up and do not return voicemails. Terrible customer service Add comment

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